Report dot indexing error when creating new implantation on seeg data

Sorry to interrupt but I feel no hope to deal with this problem.
Computer environment: matlab 2016b, brainstorm 2023
After I coregister post-CT to MRI from freesurfer results, I right-click on the CT image to run "CreateNewImplantations". But I got error :
Line 881: Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type
Call stack.

bst get.m at 881
panel ieeg.m>CreateNewlmplantation at 2590>panel ieegm at 30
bst call.m at 28
tree callbacks.m> @(h,ev)bst call(@ panel ieeg,'CreateNewlmplantation',MriFile) at 3122

I reset the path and restart Matlab and such problem did not disappear. It makes me even more confusing when I tried to run brainstorm 2023 on matlab 2016b, I got different error report regarding to struct content.

I would be very appreciated if someone can help me out.

Hi @yimengzeng, from the reported error, could it be that you clicked "SEEG/ECOG implantation" on the Default anatomy rather than on the Subject's anatomy?

Thank you so much and sorry to reply late! I realized the mistake a moment after. Still, it is worth to leave this answer for anyone who meet the same situation.