Research Topics on Frontiers in Psychology and Neuropsychology

Dear everyone, this is a reminder about the possibility to send a manuscript to the Research Topic on Frontiers in Psychology and Neuropsychology titled "When Predicting Means Adapting: A Neurocognitive Perspective Across Lifespan and Clinical Populations".

The general goal of the present research topic is to encourage researchers to contribute to the understanding of the mechanisms involved in prediction-based proactive adaptation of human behavior. Particular attention will be devoted to the core neuropsychological functions involved, including but not limited to attention, cognitive control, memory, language, perception, emotion, motor control, etc.

The topic can be investigated in healthy adults, typical and atypical development, as well as aging populations, taking a lifespan perspective. A part of the topic will be also dedicated to those works investigating possible dysfunctions in neuropsychological and neurological disorders. However, in this latter case, the clinical works should emphasize a neurocognitive approach. The methodology can include clinical, behavioral and neuroimaging measures (e.g., M/EEG, fMRI, fNIRS, etc.) as well as neurostimulation techniques (e.g., TMS, tDCS, etc.).

The deadline for the manuscript submission is the 15th of May.

Looking forward for some manuscripts of a great community