Save Snapshot (Movie: all figures) using script


I want to save movies using MATLAB script like in the tutorial of the SEEG epileptogenicity maps.

I am now saving the each movie after open and adust the size of the three result windows (sEEG, cortex, and MRI viewer). snapshot-> Movie (time): save all figures

Is there any way to save these movie crips automatically using the MATLAB script?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @elbrain

Yes, it is possible by using the script out_figure_movie.m.

With this commit: it is possible to create the movie with zero intervention from the user.
Please update your Brainstorm to add this change.

Note: To avoid user intervention it's needed to provide:

  1. Valid filename for the movie file, and
  2. Valid OPTIONS for the movie


Thank you for your support!