Scale of amplitude envelope correlation

I am using amplitude envelope correlation (AEC) to estimate frequency band-specific connectiviy, and I would need some help to understand the output matrix. From my understanding, AEC is a correlation that works like a pearson's r, resulting in a value between -1 and 1. However, the output of my data gives what would be very low correlations (up to "0.07").

Is that what you would expect from AEC analysis? I am also asking this because looking at the following paper from which I believe this method is derived (if you can confirm): Hipp, J. F., Hawellek, D. J., Corbetta, M., Siegel, M., & Engel, A. K. (2012). Large-scale cortical correlation structure of spontaneous oscillatory activity. Nature neuroscience, 15(6), 884-890.

Correlation that go up to 0.07 are said to be "high correlation". So is the way to interpret it different from the r statistic 0.1/0.3/0.5 effect size or is that because it's a high correlation in the context of/relatively to brain oscillation connectivity?

Thank you

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Hi Charly,

As you said, the values for AEC might not be very high in some cases. You should not interpret the value in the context of r statistic.

If you use this metric to compare two conditions, it is always helpful to subtract the networks in two cases to see the more profound differences.

We are working on methodologies that can address the statistical significance of connectivity elements and hope they are ready in the near future.


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