[Scripting] DeepAtlas: Select_deep_structures

I want to make a script to create a mixed-head model as the DBA tutorial:

I succeeded in generating "cortex_mixed" using the tess_downsize, tess_extract_struct, and tess_concatenate functions.
However, I having difficulty in these parts: "Create a new atlas Source model options" and Set the set modeling options to "Deep brain" for all the structures. It seems like panel_scout.m is managing it, but it is difficult to extract only those parts.
Do you have any suggestions for this problem?

Thank you so much,

Hyun Seok Kim


I’m sorry, there is currently no easy solution for setting the modeling properties of the various regions from a script. You could try modifying the structure manually:

  • load the surface file: TessMat = in_tess_bst(TessFile)
  • modify the Region field of the scouts (2nd letter: S=Surface, V=Volume, D=dba - 3rd letter: C=Constrained, L=Loose, U=Unconstrained)
  • save the file back on the hard drive: bst_save(file_fullpath(TessFile), TessMat, ‘v7’)

Good luck with the script editing