SCS Coordinates estimation from Brainstorm to Matlab

Hello, how can I export SCS coordinates (i.e. related to the tip of an electrode) to Matlab by just clicking on the image I am displaying?
Thank you

The coordinates of the tip of the electrodes is saved the channel file:

If you want to get interactively the position of the cursor in the MRI viewer:

hFig = gcf;
sMri = panel_surface('GetSurfaceMri', hFig);
Handles = bst_figures('GetFigureHandles', hFig);
XYZ = figure_mri('GetLocation', 'scs', sMri, Handles)
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Thank you Francois, this is very helpful!
We actually need this to estimate the contact spacing that is a mandatory information to place the sEEG contacts on the MRI viewer. Since we only know the # of contacts, we need to calculate the length of the electrode from the MRI viewer and thus estimate the contact spacing. Hopefully this will work.

Can't you ask the neurosurgeon what electrodes where implanted?

no, when dealing with retrospective data collected in the past we cannot retrieve this information unfortunately