sEEG electrode visualization and customization


Thank you for the robust epileptogenicity tutorial to preprocess and visualize sEEG data.

Main: My goals are twofold (partially explained under " Display the SEEG recordings" of the tutorial), and I wonder if anyone has experience/insights.
(1) I want to display various contacts (coming from different patients) in a brain where I can (2) change the contact color depending on a magnitude I calculate independently (e.g., electrode selectivity). See example of figure below (ref:

  1. If I have the MNI coordinates for the contacts, how can I integrate that data into one plot? When I load data from one patient, I noticed it is handled as a shaft/electrode with contacts, and I would like to have a way to upload every contact independently.
  2. How can I systematically change the color? I am thinking of having a matrix that I could upload into Brainstorm and adjust the color, etc.

Thank you!

This figure is from data from one patient and it displays what I want to achieve at the group level. Contacts from different patients with associated colors depending on a condition.

Hi Camilo, you can check this post:

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Thank you that is helpful @Raymundo.Cassani :slight_smile:
Sorry for having asked a question previoulsy addressed.