Seem the latest version of brainstorm miss something when processing supported on apple silicon

Hi, I can not start the latest version of Brainstorm when I apply a fresh installation on a new mac. I found the PlugName does not exist when first running of brainstorm. Here is the change code, I add exist('PlugName','var')

    OsType = bst_get('OsType', 0);
    if strcmpi(OsType, 'mac64arm') && exist('PlugName','var') && ismember(PlugName, PluginsNotSupportAppleSilicon())
        errMsg = ['Plugin ', PlugDesc.Name ' is not supported on Apple silicon yet.'];

Hi @zhangjb39, there was a bug in such update., fixed at: 9aa2bda
Please update you Brainstorm instance to get the bugfix.

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Thank you.