"Shared" ICA projectors


I have a dataset with 10 subjects, each of them with 3 recordings. I have imported them into Brainstrom and estimated the ICA Components with Infomax.

When I plot a recording and go to Artifacts>Select active projectors, I expected to see only one projectors decomposition, but I see 30 (probably one for each recording...)!. Is there any way of viewing only the projectors generated for that specific recording (for the specific recording you clicked on)?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @VictorRodriguez

Can you share a screenshot?

I believe that the 30 values are the value that is set on the ICA parameters and it's the number of the ICA component that you computed.

you can refer to these tutos:




Thank you for your answer.

I have just reasiles of what the problem is. I was using a commong channel file, so all the projector decompositions were being stored together.

After using a channel file per subject, my issue was solved.

Thank you again.

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