Should use the latest version of SPM12 for better compatible for Apple silicon

The default version installed by Brainstorm does not compile with Apple silicon, so there will be lots of errors. Just update SPM and add .mexmaca64 to brainstorm3/external/spm can fix them. Ref:

bst_normalize_mni/maff8: error usage spm_bsplinc
spm_bsplinc.c not compiled - see Makefile

What version of Matlab are you using? I didn't know Matlab was supporting Apple Silicon now. I guess there should not be any issue changing the default version used by Brainstorn,

My version is MATLAB R2023b ( And in the past, MATLAB R2020b had an Apple silicon version.

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@zhangjb39, thanks for the heads up.

Brainstorm uses the SPM12 latest distributed version in the Download page.

Since this is very recent change (Sep 2023), we will keep and eye to see if the .mexmaca64 missing files will be added to that distribution. Otherwise, we may change to the maintenance branch of SPM12