Simulate EEG activity with volume unconstrained orientation: Not able to see the scout time series


I am trying to simulate EEG activity with volume unconstrained simulation following the tutorial

However when I am trying to see the scout time series it is showing "No available source file" or in MATLAB command prompt it is showing "BST> Error: Cannot use a surface scout to extract value from a volume grid".
I am not sure why I am not to see the scout time series.

Thank you in advance.

HI @mmukherjee

Are you running with your own data?
or are you trying to reproduce the same step in the tutorial?

From the error, it seems that you are trying to extract the scout time series using a surface scout instead of a volume scout.

Can you share a screenshot of the Brainstorm showing all the available nodes?

Thank you for the reply.

Initially I was trying to run on my own Volume scout but since it was not showing the scout time series after trying hard for 3 days with all possible ways, I tried to copy the script on the tutorial simulations code from here and ran.(
But it was not showing me the scout time series as well.
I know I am missing something here as the scouts were saving as surface scout but not volume scout. I do not know why it is saving as surface scout.

Here is the screenshot and the MATLAB command output.


Hi @mmukherjee, this has been solved in commit 4e63120
Please update your Brainstorm instance and try again

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