Simultaneous source localization of scalp + intracranial EEG possible?


for my analysis I would like to combine scalp and intracranial EEG and perform source localization simultaneously on those data. Is this possible in Brainstorm? If so, does BST differentiate between the scalp and intracranial data and which source localization/head model is the best?

Many thanks!

You can certainly import both data types for the same participant in Brainstorm. However I don't believe you can do source modeling by combining both ; you need to run a distinct source model for each and combine thereafter via your own approach (sum, voting , etc.)

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Hello Sylvain, thanks for your quick reply. Are there any tutorials as to how to combine different source models?

The source mapping tutorial explains how to combine EEG with MEG (it's a simple checkbox). For the post hoc approaches I mentioned you will need to explore a but by yourself using the source map derivatives from brainstorm.

Alright, I will try it. Thanks!

Keep me posted!

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