Source computation: use noise covariance in different folder

Hi everyone,

I need to compute sources from some EEG task data. To that purpose, I am computing noise covariance matrices from resting state data. Task and resting state data are organized in separate folders. As such, I am not able to make brainstorm use the noise covariance to compute sources from the task data. What could be a workaround to this? Possible alternative solutions I thought of:

  1. must necessarily include task and resting data in the same folder.
  2. I should copy/move the noise covariance matrix from the resting to the task folder; how to do that via script? The copycond parameter of process_noisecov is not a good solution as I'd need to select a specific folder to move the matrix to.
  3. Any way to indicate the path to the noise covariance matrix when computing sources?

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Hi Ramtin,

See the script below to copy the computed noise covariance to a specific folder.


% Input files
sFile = 'Subject01/@rawS01_Noise_20131218_02_600Hz_notch/data_0raw_S01_Noise_20131218_02_600Hz_notch.mat';

% Process: Compute covariance (noise or data)
sFile = bst_process('CallProcess', 'process_noisecov', sFile, [], ...
    'baseline',       [], ...
    'datatimewindow', [], ...
    'sensortypes',    'MEG, EEG, SEEG, ECOG', ...
    'target',         1, ...  % Noise covariance     (covariance over baseline time window)
    'dcoffset',       1, ...  % Block by block, to avoid effects of slow shifts in data
    'identity',       0, ...
    'copycond',       0, ...
    'copysubj',       0, ...
    'copymatch',      0, ...
    'replacefile',    1);  % Replace

% Get iStudySource for Study folder where noise covariance was computed
iStudySource = sFile.iStudy;

% Get iStudyTarget for target Study folder
subjectNameTarget = 'Subject01';
studyNameTarget   = 'S01_AEF_20131218_01_600Hz_notch';
[~, iStudyTarget] = bst_get('Study', bst_fullfile(subjectNameTarget, studyNameTarget, 'brainstormstudy.mat'));

% Copy to specify iStudyTarget
isDataCov   = 0; % 0, copy noise covariance matrix
ReplaceFile = 1; % 1, replace existing file in target Study. See import_noisecov.m for other options
db_set_noisecov(iStudySource, iStudyTarget, isDataCov, ReplaceFile);

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Many thanks!