Source estimation on the cortical surface using a LCMV beamformer

Hi BrainsStorm community,

I analyzed resting-state MEG data in a source space. I computed a head model to the cortical surface and then estimated data covariance. I used a LCMV beamformer for source reconstraction. During my analysis, I realized that the LCMV beamformer is a type of vector beamformer. However, I am unsure of how this vector beamformer is estimated when the head model is computed on the cortical surface in BrainStorm.

It first computes 3d beamformer weights at each surface location, then for each location, projects them onto the cortical orientation, i.e. it multiplies the orientation vector with the 3d weights for that source location. So you get a 1d map from the initial 3d solution.

Thank you so much. It was so helpful.