Source time series - PAC

Hi everyone,

I would like to extract the tPAC from time series after source estimation using two scouts (left and rigth primer motor cortices).
I am not sure that the steps that I follow are correct in order to get tPAC values:

  1. extracting the tPAC from the estimated source.
  2. extracting the comodulogram from the tPAC maps.
  3. opening the "TF'' file stored in the tPAC maps in the MATLAB which contains the tPAC values?
  4. If the 3rd point is correct, and in my case there are 324 values in the "TF" file in a clolumn: are the first 162 numbers in the row stand for tPAC values in the left M1 area in different time windows and the second set of 162 numbers are for the right M1 area?

See the attached figure.

May somebody aid me?

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Dear @Francois ,

Please, may you confirm that I look for the PAC values in the right/wrong place? And, if the latter case, may You, please, show me, where can I find them?

Thank you!

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Yes, you are looking at the right place.
All the rows of the variable TF are documented in the variable RowNames.

I fixed a bug I discovered while addressing your question: the number of scouts was incorrect in the output file name. Update Brainstorm to get this fix.

Dear Francios,

Thank you for your kind support!

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