Spike 2 raw data

Hello, Please how can I correctly import .smr file on brainstorm. I tried it but it was showing me error message

Please copy-paste here the full error message.

Find attached the error message Screenshot_20210726_195423

Good Morning,
I'm new to brainstorm. I tried to import .smr file but it is showing me error message as atteched. Please how can I address this issue. Thank you Screenshot_20210726_195423

Could you please share a short example file?
Upload it somewhere and post the download link here.

(and please do not create multiple posts for the same topic - thanks)


please find above the link to the file .Thank you

Thank you for the example file, and apologies for the response delay.

I pushed a modification to allow reading this file with the old Spike2 32bit library - Update Brainstorm to get this fix:

However, you should also be able to read this file with no additional modification with the file format "EEG: CED Spike2 new 64bit (.smr;.smrx)" instead. This is a newer and more reliable library for reading Spike2 SMR and SMRX files, but it is available only on Windows.
The main reason for which we keep the old library accessible is to read the older SMR files on Linux and MacOS.