Split large .edf files

Hi there, I'm new using Brainstorm and I'm still learning all its functionalities. Since I'm working with large .edf files on Matlab, I was wondering if there is a way to split them into smaller files using Brainstorm. thank you.

It is possible to use Brainstorm to split continuous files into smaller blocks:

  • By importing blocks of recordings, and then exporting them as EDF
  • By using the process "Import > Split raw files", and then exporting to EDF

The problem is that both options are going to convert the recordings from int16 to double, and then back from double to int16. The second conversion might lead to some loss of precision.

In general, it is not recommended to use EDF to save processed data. Prefer using the BrainVision format, or simply keep the recordings in Matlab matrices, if your goal is to process them in Matlab.

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Thank you Francois, that's a bummer, I'll have to find a way to do that in matlab or using datastores or tall matrices then. :+1:

Well, you can split the files, you just have to be aware of the possible limitations in the precision.
I wanted to emphasize the fact that EDF is a good solution for exporting raw data from a proprietary acquisition format, but should not be used for processed data.