Static NxN envelope connectivity with v. Sep 2023

I am wondering how to do static connectivity (e.g. averaged across epochs, rather than one output per epoch) with the latest update? Previously, I used these options:

However, the 'static' option is no longer available. 'Average over epochs' doesn't seem to do it either.

Is there a way to get the 'static' option? Thanks!

There are two concepts here, time resolution and the output option:

  1. Time resolution, its current options are:

    • Windowed: The signal is divided in time windows, and envelope correlation computed for each window, thus there is connectivity value for different time points. This option is the same as the previous option Dynamic

    • None, the entire duration of the signal is used, thus there is not time resolution. This option is the same as the previous option Static

  2. Output options: This option refers to how the results from multiple files (aka epochs) are handle:

    • Separate for each file, one connectivity file per file
    • Average over files, one connectivity for all files
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thank you!