Statistic for connectivity (Pre-Post)

Hi everyone!
I'm trying to do some statistics on a pre-post condition design, I want to use connecivity (amplitude envelope correlation) before and after a treatment, but I dont know what statistic should I use, I mean, repeated measures ANOVA is expected for this case but I want to know if there is another statistic test like permutation test or another one in BS that can be useful for this case.

Thanks in advance!

For one given participant, if you have computed the connectivity values for a set of trials for condition A (pre) and for another set of trials for condition B (post), you can use a non-parametric independent test to compare the connectivity between the pre and post conditions.

For a group study, if you have the averages of the connectivity values for the trials of condition A (pre) and condition B (post) for N subjects, you can use a non-parametric paired test to compare the pre and post conditions across subjects.

Thanks a lot!