Suppress dialog from out_figure_movie


I'm using out_figure_movie to save multiple movies, and would like not to have to click "OK" after each is saved. I can comment out line 261 or tell it to check for a flag to suppress the dialog (see below), but would prefer not to be hacking my own Brainstorm.

% Display message : Done.
if ~isfield(OPTIONS, 'SuppressDialog') || ~OPTIONS.SuppressDialog
    java_dialog('msgbox', 'Video successfully saved.', 'Video');

Can this option be added, or is there a line of java swing to dismiss the dialog from my script?



This is now implemented in:

The dialog window does not popup if movieFile and OPTIONS are passed by the user, text is displayed in the command window instead

Update your Brainstorm instance and try again

Amazing. Thanks for the rapid response and implementation!