Surrogate data for non-time-resolved PAC analysis

Dear Brainstorm team,

I am working on a non-time-resolved phase-amplitude coupling analysis of EEG data using the tPAC function without a sliding time window (i.e., using the whole time window of data).
For statistical analysis, I would like to generate surrogate data using "Surrogate tPAC - block resampling version:3.4". However, when I set the length of the sliding time window as the whole length of my data for non-time-resolved PAC analysis, I got the following error:
"Data length should be at least twice of window length".
This means probably that the current surrogate tPAC function does not support non-time-resolved PAC analysis, does it?
If so, are you planning to make it available?


Hi Maria,

Yes, in its current state the process to generate surrogate tPCA is only for time-resolved PAC.

We are updating scripts, so it will be possible to use that function with 1-window tPAC (i.e. static PAC).
The update should be ready soon

Hi Raymundo,

That's fantastic! Thank you so much for working on that.
The new update will help a lot with my analysis:-)