SwLoreta for source localization

Hi Brainstormers!
I just wanted to suggest include SwLoreta in BS, since is more accurate for deep sources and is a new standard for source localization. It is used in many research papers and is proved to have better performance that SLoreta

I know you do not want to include every Loreta version that claims to be the best, actually there are many Loreta variants and make no sense use everyone, but SwLoreta is not a new version or Loreta variant (as E-Loreta or Z-Loreta) but an improved and updated version of the SLoreta included in BS.

I think that would put BS at the forefront of neurosciences and it will be useful specially with subcortical structures

It is just a tought

Thanks in advances!


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@Sylvain, @John_Mosher, and @leahy any thoughts?

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Thank you for this request but this remains a low priority with respect to other developments slated for Brainstorm, given our resources. However, if you could provide a modified version of the current sLORETA Brainstorm code that would implement SwLORETA, we would be happy to consider it for inclusion in the distribution.