Synchronise database


I coming here because we are doing a NIRS/eeg experiment and NIRS and EEG analysis are done by different people. Right now, we all have a separate brainstorm database and each time we perform an analysis on the data, we have to send the results file to every people involved. Therefore, it is very intense to keep all the database synchronized.

So we were wondering if this was possible to only have one database shared across multiple user ? or if you would have advise for us to keep our multiple database synchronized ?

Best regards,

Hi Edouard,

The current version of the "database" is not designed for multiple users and concurrent accesses. It is not a database in fact, but a file base with no locking mechanisms or systems to rebuild the cache automatically. It is therefore strongly discouraged to use it in distributed environments, the risks of problems are very high.

That said, if you set up carefully your workflow, you can store one single instance of the brainstorm_db folder and share it across multiple users, but you have to be very careful that:

  • two people never use the database at the same time
  • always close Brainstorm after a session (to make sure all the changes are saved to the database)
  • when starting to work, all the users should always start by reloading the entire protocol

FYI: @MartinC is currently working on the future of this database, more robust and distributed.

Hope this helps