The unit label of the y-axis of the MEG result

We have been using Brainstorm for a while and finally have our experiment done. However, there is some uncertainty about our research result. We have looked up possible solutions on the forum but this did not help, so here are some questions:

  1. According to the online tutorial (Tutorial 26: Statistics), the results of Examples 1 and 4 have different units on their y-axis. Example 1 is labeled "t-values" and example 4 as "amplitude (pA.m)", but in our result, the unit is displayed as either "fT" or "no units." We would like to know the possible reasons and how to fix this problem (except for clicking on the unit and changing the label of the y-axis directly.)

  2. We would like to confirm if "the unit" (the label of the y-axis) represents “t-values” when the difference between two conditions is significant.

The related figures are attached below, thank you in advance!

With the current version of Brainstorm it shows: example 1 "t-values" and example 4 "Amplitude (t)".
Yes, what you should in your figure 4 are the t-values for all the time samples and channels that have a p-value lower than the threshold defined in the Stat panel.

This was modified in August 2022, while your version is from June:

Just update Brainstorm, and some of the units issues should get resolved.
The ones that remain are maybe due to the missing field "DisplayUnits" in the files. This can be added manually, or may require recomputing the file. Let me know if you need more help.

This helps a lot. Our problem has been solved, thank you!