TMS EEG study_artifact

I would like to upload continuous data containing events (TMS pulse timings) into EEG. As a next step, I am interested in removing the EEG data from -2 to +10 (recommended for attenuating TMS induced artifacts) and then should run the ICA.
1 - is it possible to do it without losing the event (events are at time zero)?
2 - later, how to interpolate the lost data (piece from -2 to +10)?
3 - would you recommend another way to remove TMS artifacts?


We get regularly questions regarding the preprocessing of EEG+DBS or EEG+TMS, but unfortunately we are not familiar with this domain and do not have preprocessing recommendations. As I replied in this other thread (Deep Brain Stimulus (DBS) artifact edge ringing):

What I'd recommend is to contact other researchers working with EEG+DBS or EEG+TMS and ask them how they denoise their recordings if they claim they can interpret correctly the EEG during or immediately after the stimulation (during the observed artifact). You can find a list of articles published using Brainstorm on our publications page (, and you should also try asking the EEGLAB, FieldTrip and MNE-Python communities.

Please post here any interesting feedback you might get!

Thanks Francois.