Topography of frequency bands

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I am new to Brainstorm and I am working on a project regarding concussed individuals. Currently I am trying to see the changes in topography from two different EEG data sets(normal vs concussed), where I want to compare the delta, alpha and theta band differences in different regions of the head. I am doing it by using a band pass filter for 2-4, 5-7 and 8 -12 Hz, for one EEG measurement, and then I do the same for the other.
I saw this in a paper, and I wanted to ask whether it is possible to do in Brainstorm, what the author of this paper has done? If it is possible, how can you do that?

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These images were not generated with Brainstorm, possibly with EEGLAB, the article should mention it.

The equivalent in Brainstorm would be something like this:
Possibly with a circle graph instead instead of this "2D sensor cap":

If you follow the introduction tutorials carefully (the section "Get started", at least until #19), and then read some additional advanced tutorials related with EEG and resting state, you'll learn how to produce similar figures.

Thank you for the fast reply. This will do it.