Transform Brainstorm Nihon sEEG Import into Python codes

Hi, I recently have a problem about how to transfer the function of importing Nihon sEEG data from Brainstorm/Matlab into Python. Although in MNE-python there is also function to do the same job, in some situation the device version is not supported, like reporting "Not a valid Nihon kohen EEG file (EEG-1200A V01.00)". Until now Brainstorm is known as the most available solution for this problem. So I wonder if you can tell me what file in Brainstorm I should inspect to get insights for abovementioned task? Thanks a lot!

Hi @jasonchengc, the files you would need are:

Could you provide an example of the Nihon file that is well read in Brainstorm, but has issues in MNE-Python?

Hi, thank you for your shared files! I'll carefully take them for reference.

In fact, the occurred problem about Nihon file import are related to the device version, which has been reported for days, as shown in EEG-1200A V01.00 by jacobshaw42 · Pull Request #11431 · mne-tools/mne-python · GitHub.

Brainstorm shows ability of importing such files by updating its supported file formats through reverse engineering: Error message when "Reviewing raw file" for the EDF files generated by Nihon Kohden - #10 by lyngen.

Due to some business confidential reasons, the example data may not be provided, much sorry for this.

Also appreciate if you can keep updating some information for this problem, thanks!

Since you have already communication with MNE-Python developers, they are aware of the issue, and they know that the issue is solved in the Brainstorm, you may want to continue working with them to add that support to MNE-Python.

The link to the Pull Request shows that it was closed by you before the code was merged (added) to MNE-Python. If that was a mistake, just reopen it and continue the conversation, or open a new PR.

Yes, thank you for your advice. Actually that Pull Request was not created by me, but I will continue catching up with them and try to make this figured out in MNE-Python eventually.

My bad, I got confused with the usernames. I'd suggest your to open a new PR, and adding a link to the close one, as most of the works was already done.

Ok I 'll follow that, still thank you for your time and suggestions.