Trouble creating a new protocol


I have been trying to create a new protocol and keep having the following error message. Can you give me advice?

Error: Could not create directory "C:\Users\Optiplex 980\Documents\brainstorm_db\Tutorial\anat".


With windows 7 or 8, the access rights are sometimes working in a weird way and block the access to some of the special Windows folders (including Program Files and Documents).
Some things you can try:

  • Make sure you really have full access to your Documents folders and all it subfolders (check for online tutorials on how to do this, this is not that obvious): the brainstorm_db folder might have been created with Administrator’s rights, or something like this
  • Try to start Matlab as an administrator (find the Matlab executable, right-click on it, and execute as administrator)
  • Try setting your brainstorm_db folder somewhere else (outside of the Users and Programs folders).


Thanks Francois! It worked!