Troubleshooting import a .set dataset to Brainstorm


I finally converted my .poly5 file to .set and when trying to import my .set file to Brainstorm, an error message appears.
I also already created a new protocol and a new subject, but cannot seem to import a raw EEG file to my subject when I click on my file "Sujet1.set"

Here is what the error message says :

Error in in_fopen_eeglab.m
Line 279: in_fopen_eeglab EEGLAB binary file does not exist: C:\my path\Sujet1.fdt

Call stack:

in fopen_eeglab.m at 279
in_fopen.m at 111
import_raw.m at 132
bst_call.m at 28
tree_callbacks.m>@(h,ev)bst_call@import_raw,,,iSubject) at 663

After the conversion, did you have more files besides the .set file?

Can you share an example of the created file(s)?
Upload the file somewhere and post the download link here, or by direct message to me

I indeed have a .fdt file beside the .set one.

I am sending you the link by direct message, thank you for your help.

It is working fine. Link the raw files as shown in this link, and selecting the File of Type: EEG: EEGLAB (*.set)

Also, be sure that the Sujet1.set and Sujet1.fdt files are in the same folder

@Raymundo.Cassani Thank you very much. I think the problem was that the two files were not in the same folder.