[Tutorial] Problem adding EEG positions

Hi! I'm working through the epilepsy tutorial right now and encountered a problem: when trying to import the electrode positions, I don't get any dialogue window ("Apply MRI transformation?") and nothing changes in the "Deltamed channels" file. Trying to apply ANT default positions leads to the same outcome. There is no error message or similar. Is there any obvious mistake I could have made?

Thanks, Sören

Hi Sören,

I just quickly did the tutorial and when I import the locations on the channel file brainstorm asks me if I would like to use the transformation to align the sensors and the locations are updated after clicking no. Did you click save after computing the MNI transformation in the anatomy steps?

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If you have any error message in the Matlab command window, please copy paste here all the text in red.

Thanks for the quick replies! The problem unfortunately still persists.

@SBeumer I restarted the tutorial and made sure to click on save after the MNI transformation. Unfortunately I encountered the same behaviour. Still no dialogue window.

@Francois When I try to read the electrode positions from a file, the following is printed to the MATLAB terminal:

Warning: No channel information was read from the file.

And when I try to apply default EEG positions (ANT), I get a message window:

No channel matching the loaded cap.

I'm running Brainstorm on Linux with the MATLAB Compiler Runtime. I didn't have any issues with the other tutorials I already did.

Hi Sören,

I could reproduce that error by reading in the channel file with the wrong file format selected. Reading it in like this works for me:

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@SBeumer Thanks a lot! This was indeed the issue. I selected another random entry with the same file extension (.elc). Your advice resolved my problem, many thanks again!

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@soerenh Good to hear, happy brainstorming! :slight_smile: