Type xyz value to move cursor for get coordinate

Dear all,
I know that is not possible to plot MNI position of sensors directly on the MNItemplate.
currently, I would ask you if is possible to find xyz position of a specific coordinate by “typing as command” XYZ values to move the cursor directly on the spot.
Currently I’m moving directly the cursor to find MNI coordinates but it is a nightmare to find coorect coordinate.
For example in FSL is possible to type x y z values and automatically the cursor move on the site. I’m asking you if is possible to do something similar with brainstorm.
Thank you very much for your kindly support!

Hi Luca,

Indeed, this is a feature that was missing in the MRI Viewer.
I added a new button at the bottom of the figure, just right of the zoom buttons, to let you enter directly coordinates in any coordinate system.
Please update Brainstorm and let me know it works the way you were expecting.

If you were interested in how in works in terms of code:
function figure_mri.m > function ButtonSetCoordinates_Callback (lines 707-735)


Thanks Francois,
I’m updating the lastes version to check this improvement, but I get the following error during dawnloding:
Exception in thread “Thread-205” java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
at ice.util.io.LazyCachedInputStream.OEAB(OEAB)
at ice.util.io.LazyCachedInputStream.arraycopy(OEAB)
at ice.util.io.LazyCachedInputStream.read(OEAB)
at ice.util.io.MarkerInputStream.read(OEAB)
at org.brainstorm.file.BstDownload.downloadThread(BstDownload.java:175)
at org.brainstorm.file.BstDownload$2.run(BstDownload.java:115)

Dear Francois,
Finally I get new version, and the function that you sugest me works very well. Another point.
Since for stimulation and Recording with the EcOG sensors is really important check their position on the 3D surface, my question is: when I get my coordinate in the MRI view, is it possible also to see same coordinate position on the 3D view? It could allow a very nice matching between image of the sensors on the brain obtained suring implantation.
Thanks for your kindly sugestions

Hi Luca,

For your Java heap space error, increase the size of the java heap space in the Matlab preferences.
ECoG display: edit the contact position in the MRI viewer, save you modifications, right-click on the channel file > MRI registration > ECOG: Edit.


FYI, there is now the possibility to compute MNI coordinates for individual subjects: