Unchecking the aboslute vlaue for topography

Hi everyone,

I simply want to see the topography of a time frequency map, but I fail to uncheck the absolute values in the colormap properties (see the image.) Does anyone know how to reound about this issue?

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the image).

In topography, when showing time-frequency, the Absolute values option:

  • Is fixed to checked if the measure is Power
  • Is fixed to be unchecked If the measure is log(power) .
  • Can be checked and unchecked if the measure is Magnitude


In the image you shared, it seem it is a Statistics file

Thanks Raymundo for your response.
This works for time frequency but sorry I didn't mention that I have this problem for event-related perturbation. Do you know how to visulize that?


Thank you for the clarification. That's right, the behaviour of absolute values shouldn't not apply for files other than TF maps. Now, it is fixed in: ed064c5

Please update your Brainstorm instance to get the fix

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