Unknown file format for EEG electrodes positions

Hi Francois,

I have a problem with adding EEG positions. I have attached the file that contains the EEG leads' locations. Would you please help me in that. Thank you!sen_loc (24.1 KB)

Where is this file coming from?
This format is not support in Brainstorm (yet). If this is a standard file format, I could write a reader for it in Brainstorm.
Otherwise, you could create another simpler text file from it, with one electrode per line in the format "Name X Y Z", and then import it in Brainstorm with the menu "Add EEG positions" and the file format "EEG: ASCII: Name X Y Z"

Thank you very much!
I will try to create a file with the format you explain and import location in BrainStorm.

Dear Francois,

The file created in the brainstorm-db for the M/EEG data channels is attached to this message. I would like to use add the location for the EEG channels using the standard location on the 10-20 system. Would you please help me in that?

channel_4d_acc1.mat (29.0 KB) Thank you

When using the menu "Add EEG positions", the channels are matched by name. First you need to rename the EEG channels in the channel file: right-click > Edit channel file, and remove the mention of the reference (eg. 'F10-Oz' => 'F10').
To add the standard 10-20 coordinates, right-click on the channel file > Add EEG positions > ICBM152 > Generic...