Update error brainstorm

Hi everyone,

In re-running my pipeline with new participants, I got a series of new errors.

At first I was getting an error that that said brainstorm could not write the file (when I was trying to load brainstorm).

Then it looked as if it was related to a required update, but it could not automatically update from our university's virtual environment.

Any advice on how to navigate this update, perhaps manually?

Thank you!


it seems that you are working on a protected portion of your disc/ or your disc is full.
Brainstorm can not write data to this folder.

okay thanks for your help.

Any idea why this would happen now, as the last time I opened brainstorm it was working fine?

Maybe this is unrelated, but now brainstorm is telling me this is the first time I'm using brainstorm with this version of matlab (which does not appear to be true) and is giving me errors bc it is trying to have me create a brainstorm directory when I already have one set up.

my apologies, i agree, i think this is something related to permissions/space of folder on the institution side, and probably not a brainstorm issue. I will circle back if I continue to get brainstorm errors. thanks