Uploading multiple intan files .rhs format to visualize the merged plots

Hi , this is my first time using brainstorm(GUI), I am using it through MATLAB.
I have 25 .rhs files each having recording for 1 min from mice cortex. I want to merge all 25 together and visualize the data and do spike analysis on it. I am not able to find any resource or steps that can guide me in stitching the files one after each other and see the data.

I uploaded every file one by one then exported them as MATLAB variable and then merged them together, but now i have a variable that has all merged data points for the whole 25 mins. How do i upload it in the brainstorm GUI ?
I am sure there is a clever and easier way of stitching the data files one after other and see it on brainstorm. It would be nice if someone can kindly help.

If you are a new Brainstorm user, I recommend you start by following the introduction tutorials, at least until #19, using the example dataset provided:

To concatenate all your imported files: select them all in the correct order in Process1, and run process "Standardize > Concatenate time".

Thank you, for the link and tutorials, will definitely watch them in parallel. Meanwhile where do i find the Standardize > Concatenate time ? i have uploaded the data as shown in the picture below.

i was able to figure the option out, i selected three sample just to test and dragged them in the process box. Howevr the standardize button is stil not clickable and the concatenation option is still missing!

This is the kind of things that are explained in the introduction tutorials, hence the recommendation of starting by reading them instead of struggling to find every feature.