Use of PAC


I am trying to look at phase-amplitude coupling using the procedure described in I have data from mouse ECoG with 2 frontal electrodes (reference+working ones). Could you give me a hint on how should I use the PAC procedure in this case?



Hi Stan,

I’m sorry, the online documentation for the PAC process is still very messy (and the rat data part is not even started).
This implementation of the PAC estimation is still not very stable. It works but it is not very robust.
We will probably offer soon a more robust time-resolved estimation of the PAC.

Have you imported your data into Brainstorm?
If you have it available in the database, you just have to run the PAC process on it:

Please let me know how it goes.

Hi Stan:

How to use the PAC metric all depends on your hypotheses guiding your study. If you tell us more, we might be able to help better. We have looked ourselves at rodent array data. The first step is to import your data into brainstorm, as time series. If you can also construct a channel file where channel locations are reported, it will help you visualize your data and results more conveniently as well.