Use of phase transfer entropy

Hello, the result of phase transfer entropy I calculated cannot be opened. The error message is:Line2450:Index exceeds matrix dimension.It was OK before. I don't know why not recently.Other entropy calculations can be turned on.Thank you very much.

Please zip together 3 files:

  • the file you can't open
    (to see where the file is: right-click on it > File > Show in file explorer)
  • the corresponding data file
  • the channel.mat file

Upload the zip file somewhere and post the download link here. (57.9 KB)

I could reproduce the error you reported with the files you sent.
However, this file is empty: right-click on the PTE file > File > View file contents, you'll see that the TF matrix is not set.

It was OK before. I don't know why not recently.

There is no chance you could have opened this file before.
You have some issues in the processing pipeline that led to the creation of this file.
Please try to debug this on your end: double-check the input files and all the input parameters, and get back to us if you find anything suspicious.