User defined scouts based on a statistical test apear only for some subjects

Brainstorm Version: 19-Oct-2022
Matlab version: R2019b ( Agust 21, 2019

I did a frequency analysis on EEG data while participants watched different hand movements (a mirror neuron system experiment). I used the default head model for source reconstruction and did a premutation t-test between similar conditions on the same participants before and after 15 neurofeedback training.

Based on the reported significant area, I defined scouts using the "constrained" button. However, I still need to know the time series data for each scout in each participant so that I can visualize the means and confidence intervals. Now for some participants, it works fine as I open the source file and the scouts I already defined for the test are present on the individual source reconstruction, and I can extract the individual scout variables via the path: Run> Extract>Scout time series.

However, the same trick does not work with some participants, and I don't know why. See below:

As you see, the user-defined scouts disappear for some participants. One hint might be that the problem happens with the participants added to our study later on. They are analyzed with the most updated brainstorm at the time, which was different from the version with which the ones showing the user-defined scouts properly were analyzed.
Is there any other way that I could extract the variables from the scouts I need in these problematic participants?
I am looking forward to your reply as I am in the last steps of writing up this paper. Thanks.

The scouts are saved in the cortex surface:

If two results files do not show the same scouts, it is because they were not computed using the same cortex surface:

  • either because the selected cortex surface changed in the default anatomy folder. For example: at some point in the analysis, the high-resolution cortex was selected as the default cortex, while all the older results were computed using the low-resolution cortex - In that case I would recommend recomputing the source maps on the same cortex surface as the other subjects.
  • or because the new subjects were not configured to use the shared default anatomy, but to use an individual anatomy that was later set to be the ICBM152 template: in that case, the meshes are exactly the same, but saved in different files, and the newer files do not included the scouts defined in the shared "default anatomy". For the new subjects where the scouts are missing, you can use the menus "Scout > Project" or "Scout > Export/Import" from the Scout tab.