Using MUSIC and variations for source localization

I want to sort out the sequence of spikes that always occur close in time. I want to use MUSIC, dSPM, rap-MUSIC, and rDS-music to compare what I get. Can I do any of this?

Please define “sort out”.
You can use all the methods cited to produce source models of the individual scalp events, regardless of how they are sorted/clustered.

What I mean is I want a time ordered set of dipole activations (or fairly focal regional cortex activations), i.e. is the first activation contralateral to the lesion or ipsilateral, is it anterior to the lesion or posterior, etc.

Maybe I just got lost in the documentation. I am in a documentation loop that sends me repeatedly to sections in tutorials that are marked “TODO”. I have not run across tutorials on MUSIC yet, completed or partially completed. Any guidance you can offer would be great.


Do you want to obtain a series of dipoles (one per time sample) which can be visualized at once, with their color encoding for their latency? Am I understanding correctly?