Version mismatch for compiled binary on BST website

Hi @Raymundo.Cassani @tmedani,
I work with Dr. John C Mosher at UTHealth and I am trying to use CT-MRI co-registration that was introduced in the Park City workshop.

I have downloaded the latest binary version ( of BST from the USC website. I am running compiled version on MacOS. However, the version that is "Version: 31-Jul-2023". Please let me know can I get the "Version: 19-April-2024". I do not have access to MATLAB.

PGY6 Epilepsy Fellow
UT Houston

Hi @Chetan_Nayak,

Could you try again? The binary version should be 19-Apr-2024.

Please note that the binary (aka standalone) versions do not follow the same rolling release approach as with the source code. This is to say, binaries are updated to match the source-code version approximately once per month.

Thanks @Raymundo.Cassani. The binary version is working now.