Vertices count in merged surface


I'm with @filipa and we have a problem when following this tutorial
We're trying to create a surface with deep sources (Hippocampus and amygdala) in order to reconstruct sources there.
After selecting a few regions of interest, keeping them only, and merging with my current cortex, I get the following error:

Index in position 1 exceeds array bounds. Index must not exceed 17072.
Error in panel_scout>GetScoutPosition (line 4656)
        orient = VertexNormals(iVert,:);
Error in panel_scout>PlotScouts (line 4332)
            MarkerLocation = GetScoutPosition(Vertices, VertexNormals, sScouts(i).Seed, 0.0002);
Error in panel_scout (line 63)
Error in view_surface (line 166)
        panel_scout('PlotScouts', [], hFig);
Error in tree_callbacks>@(h,ev)view_surface(filenameRelative) (line 1100)
                gui_component('MenuItem', jPopup, [], 'Display', IconLoader.ICON_DISPLAY, [], @(h,ev)view_surface(filenameRelative));

Can you help?


Hi @DNAcombo,

Sorry for the long delay. I am not able to reproduce the error with the provided step.
However this error happens when the Scout seed for one the scouts is pointing to a vertex index beyond the number of vertices in the current surface.

Does this error occur with the provided data for the tutorial?
Was an operation with the Scouts performed?