Visual Bug when Displaying MRI


I've noticed a weird visual bug since I updated to the newest brainstorm version (08-Aug-2021).

Bug 1: When I try to view the MRI image from the 'MRI Viewer' or from the '3d orthogonal slices', the contrast and brightness of the image is messed up. I tried adjusting the colormap, brightness, and contrast values but the image still looks weird.

Bug 2: In the 'MRI Viewer' and '3d orthogonal slices' views, the same slice is displayed even if I change the slice number in the axial / coronal / sagittal views.

However, these visual bugs are not present when I display the MRI image as a montage.

A visual representation of what I'm seeing can be found here: visual_bug.

I'm really not sure what the problem is, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


Uncheck the option "MIP: Anatomy" in the MRI viewer.