Volume of scout

Hi, I would like to know how the volume of scouts, that is shown in the graphical interface, is calculated. I need to implement the computation for a large number of scouts and would like to use matlab directly. How can I do?

Brainstorm uses function stlVolumeNormals to compute the volume defined by a closed patch:

Hi Francois, thank you for providing me with this information.

One last thing I would like to ask you about this topic is how brainstorm builds the closed patch of the scout from the points I provided to it.

With this information, I could go directly to the scripting phase to construct the 'Faces' that appear in the function you mentioned. I was thinking of taking an N-D Voronoi diagram approach but there will probably be other more optimized ways in brainstorm.

It uses Matlab's boundary or convhulln functions: