Want to use Brainstorms functional connectivity graph, but with outside data

Hi all,

I have some directional connectivity matrices that I want to visualize using Brainstorm. My plan was to load in the tutorial dataset and compute a directed connectivity on a few channels, then load that structure into matlab and replace that matrix with my own. Looking at the structure when loaded into matlab, I see that instead of a 4x4 matrix(I used 4 channels) there is a 1x16, so I assume this is the matrix but it is flattened out when stored. Is there some documentation that goes over how this is organized so I know how to replace this with the data I want to graph(order of roi pairs, especially important because of directedness)? Also what else in this structure would I have to replace? I'm assuming RefRowNames and RowNames will be where my roi names go, and the order should correspond to the order of TF. Looking at it I think if I replace these 3 structures I should be ok, is there anything I'm missing?


      TF: [16×1 double]
       TFmask: []
          Std: []
      Comment: 'Granger: Extract values: [all] 1 2 3 4 (354 files)'
     DataType: 'matrix'
         Time: [0 353.9983]
    TimeBands: {'granger'  [0]  [353.9983]}
        Freqs: 0
  RefRowNames: {4×1 cell}
     RowNames: {4×1 cell}
      Measure: 'other'
       Method: 'granger'
     DataFile: 'Subject01/S01_AEF_20131218_01_600Hz/matrix_concat_221017_1214.mat'
  SurfaceFile: []
      GridLoc: []
    GridAtlas: []
        Atlas: []
HeadModelFile: []
HeadModelType: []
         nAvg: 1
         Leff: 1
 ColormapType: []
 DisplayUnits: []
      Options: [1×1 struct]
      History: {1×3 cell}

The structure of the connectivity files is described at the end of the connectivity tutorial:

Please let us know if you need additional help.