Warnings of bad channels

Hi all,
After running ICA and remove eye movements and heartbeats, I used 'Events-detect other artifacts'


however, warnings occured. I do not know what happened. Can I ignore this?


This detection of bad channels is an side feature of this process, and it behaves it strange ways at moments... It might indicate that the sensitivity level you selected is too high for the quality of your recordings, and triggered too many detections of bad segments.
But if the bad segments detected by the process are OK for you, yes, you can safely ignore this warning.

After detecting other artifacts, only one event was detected in 40-240Hz catagory. Amazingly, this event takes up all the recording (start from the beginning to the end). Does this mean that the whole segment of my data are contaminated by artifacts from 40-240Hz? As the data have been filtered by bandpass 1-30Hz, there should be no artifactes from 40-240Hz. Could you please explain does this event mean?
Many thanks!


It means that the measures computed in this processed are not adapted to you file.
Try with a lower sensitivity.

This process does not produce good results with all the files... if it helps you identify bad segments in your recordings, use it, otherwise you'd have to find another solution, and maybe review all your files manually (which we recommend anyway)