Warping non-default anatomy OR sensor locations

Hi there,

I’m doing source localization in a dataset that includes children. I don’t have individual MRIs but I am using anatomy templates for specific age ranges. I have already imported the anatomy folder for the child templates but I need to get the sensors matched up to the anatomy because they are not in line with one another. I tried using the tutorial found here: http://neuroimage.usc.edu/brainstorm/Tutorials/TutWarping but this only allows for warping the default anatomy templates. I am looking to warp the sensors to match the template that I imported (or vice versa). The imported templates were constructed through freesurfer’s recon-all function on child MRI atlases.

How would I go about either warping the non-default anatomy or warping the sensor locations to fit the anatomy?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Darren,

You can edit the positions of the electrodes: right-click on the the channel file > MRI registration > Edit.
Read the tooltips of the buttons in the toolbar for help. Reduce the size of the cap, align it the best you can on the head surface, project the electrodes on the head, then refine the position of the electrodes one by one if needed.


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Thank you this worked!