Warping or Creating m2m folder in real time

Dear Brainstorm team and All users,

Currently, I'm looking for the way to simulate personalized tES in real time using Brainstorm and SimNIBS.

I know how to get a warped T1 image with a personalized electrode BESA.sfp file, and I know the Charm option takes more than an hour. But I was wondering if I could also get a warped m2m folder of SimNIBS using another m2m file in real time.

Is it possible to get personalized m2m file not using FEM Mesh(Charm) Option?
Or is there any possible way to create m2m file in real time?

Joonho Lee

@tmedani, can you look at this post?

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Hi @eagle1274

The m2m folder contains all the output files using the Simnibs processes (Charm or Headreco, ...).
I recommend you check this link for more information: https://simnibs.github.io/simnibs/build/html/documentation/output_files.html#head-segmentation

As far as I know, you can not do personalized TES modeling in real-time; you need to go through the process of the head model generation for each subject and then compute the forward matrix.

One possible solution is to compute your m2m folder once for a specific subject, and then you need to compute the forward matrix for all the possible combinations of electrodes that you plan to use for your experiment (including the shape, the orientation, conductivities ...). Once you have all these computed, you may be able to use it for your real-time experiment.

I recommend you post this question on the SimNibs GitHub, where you can get better recommendations.

Thank you for reply.
I'll try to check your suggestions.