What is the warning means?

When I import a Nicolet data to BS, I get a warning of "using first instance ac for all segments, see the doc for info". So which document should I refer?

Hi @zhangjb39,

This warning:

Warning: Multiple TSinfo packets detected; using first instance ac for all segments. See documentation for info.

comes from the EEG Nicolet reader script, which was not written by members of the Brainstorm team.

This makes reference to the WARNING comment at the beginning of Nicolet reader script:


@Francois, it seems that there is a newer version of the Nicolet reader that supports multiple and differing TsInfos (Adds support for multiple and differing TsInfos. · ieeg-portal/Nicolet-Reader@2874014 · GitHub). Have you check it out?

Thank you

No, I haven't looked at this, but I'm not sure where this update I pushed in October 2018 came from, while this multiple TSInfos fix was posted in April 2018. I'll investigate.

@zhangjb39 Can you please share an example file (preferably short, for data transfer considerations)?

  • Zip the .e file and upload it somewhere of your choice (that can be accessed easily outside of China)
  • Post the download link here
  • If this is clinical data, send it to me by private message instead of public post.
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Thank you for the example file.

I updated the NicoletFile reader with the latest version supporting multiple TsInfos:
brainstorm3/NicoletFile.m at master · brainstorm-tools/brainstorm3 · GitHub

However, this doesn't fix the problem with the file that you shared.
At line 454: brainstorm3/NicoletFile.m at master · brainstorm-tools/brainstorm3 · GitHub
nrIdx(2) = 1.1744e+09
Which means that there would be billions of channels... the for loop at line 455 never returns because of this.

I can't say whether this is a problem with your file or with the reader.
Do you have issues with all your .e files in Brainstorm, or is it only this one?
Can you open the file with the Nicolet viewer?

One solution would be to use the Nicolet software to convert the .e file to another file format, maybe EDF+, and process the .edf file in Brainstorm instead.

Not just one. Some of them are in such condition. I found there are some pause among these data. I can open it with Nicolet viewer (smoothly). The problem is that I have no access to the Nicolet software which able to convert the .e file to another file format.....

I'm afraid I have no other solution to offer.

The function NicoletFile does not seem to be actively maintained. A question I asked in 2020 has never been addressed:

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Thank you. No matter what. This is an ending for this question in some degree.