Where can I get the information of MRI data

where can I get the detailed information of MRI data used in tutorial FEM median nerve
such as instrument, resolution and so on

he dataset we distribute with this tutorial follows the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) standard for neuroimaging data organization. The files that will be imported in this tutorial are the following:

sample_fem/sub-fem01/: Raw data for subject fem01

ses-meg/: Simultaneous recordings of MEG and EEG.


ses-mri/: Imaging exams.

anat/sub-fem01_ses-mri_T1w.nii.gz: T1-weighted MRI

anat/sub-fem01_ses-mri_T2w.nii.gz: T2-weighted MRI

dwi/sub-fem01_ses-mri_dwi.*: Diffusion-Weighted Imaging (DWI)

There is no available for this dataset beyond what is available here:

@YRW What information do you need exactly, and for what purpose?

@tmedani Would you have additional information available?

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Can I get some information about the T1 and T2 MRI and DTI data. For example, what type of instrument was used to measure the data, and in what laboratory . I hope to learn this information in my scientific research work

Hi all,

@YRW the data was acquired in one of the center of our collaborators:
I can add this acquisition description:
"The subject underwent MRI imaging scanning (Philips Medical Systems), providing a T1w image without contrast (3T field strength, flip angle 8°, TR 7.9s, dimensions 512 × 512 × 200, and voxel dimensions of 0.469 × 0.469 × 0.939 millimeters), and a T2w spin-echo image (3T field strength, 78.57% phase FOV, 90° flip angle, SAR 0.327, voxel dimensions 560 × 560 × 55, dimensions of 0.429 × 0.429 × 3 millimeters) and DWI sequences (voxel dimensions 512 x 512 x 200 and dimensions of 0.469 × 0.469 × 0.939 millimeters, diffusion-sensitizing gradients in 32 non-collinear directions). "
Some extra processing steps are also completed using Mricron and some custom scripts (data format conversion and anonymization)

I hope this information can answer your questions.

thank you very much

Thanks. I added this info to the tutorial:

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