Whether there are Common head model for children

Thank you so much, Francois!
This is a 128-channel ANT Neuro Waveguard cap sold by ANT. I only used 47 electrodes.
Sorry I do not have pictures that show people with the cap on them. I have a picture of the cap. Please find the attached file.

Done: https://github.com/brainstorm-tools/brainstorm3/commit/0f16b5325eb5a282c11910e135aaf4abefb80f0c

Update Brainstorm and you should find the template ANT Waveguard in the list of available EEG caps.
Make sure you use the menu "Add EEG positions" and not "Import channel file:

Please double-check that the positions you observe on the ICBM152 MNI head seem realistic to you.
I used the positions I found on the MNE-Python git repo (https://github.com/mne-tools/mne-cpp/blob/master/resources/mne_scan/plugins/tmsi/loc_files/Lorenz-Duke128-28-11-2013.elc) and adjusted them manually on the head surface... Nothing scientific in this procedure, so be careful, and let me know if you think this should be adjusted.

Good job! Thanks!
I added channel location, here was the picture. Some electrodes may need further adjustment. I can send a participant data if you like.

Sorry, I redo it. It looks much better now.
Thanks a lot for the awesome work!

Where is this surface coming from?
You should not be using the warping function if you are using template anatomy and electrode positions.

Thanks, Francois!
When I load raw data, add EEG channel locations, this surface popped up. I did it again, it looked like this. I did not do warp, just compute head model, noise covariance and then compute source. Next I performed source-level time-frequency transformation using morlet wavelets. But an error occurred. Please find attached pictures. Could you please tell me how to do? Thanks a lot!

Hello Francois,
I found the MRI scan for 8-9 years, 14-15 years, I wonder whether it is possible to create build head models using the MRI scans. Thanks!

I solved this problem! Thanks!